The Purr-fect Mattress

our story

SleepyCat was created to make your purr-fect sleep easier. We know how important sleep is, yet the process to buy a mattress has been so painful and time-consuming. You visit different retailers, are not given enough information, and pay a lot more than you should.

We thought of simplifying this process. The four key factors we identified that affect a persons sleep: comfort, support, temperature and durability. We spent 14 months visiting numerous factories to test and identify 100s of different samples and combinations for ONE purr-fect SleepyCat mattress.

You can visit our website and choose a SleepyCat mattress designed keeping YOU in mind. You can order it through 4 simple steps, after which the mattress is shipped to you, for free, anywhere in India.

We cut out all the middlemen that increase the price for a mattress, so we can deliver a luxury mattress at a fraction of the cost straight from our factory to your doorstep. It also comes packaged in a neat little box, so no more bulky deliveries!

But why should you buy something over the internet to sleep on without trying it? We take care of that and give you a 30-nights risk free trial! Also, since we insist on giving back and donating, help us help others achieve their sleep goals!



Kabir Siddiq
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