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Let's Learn Together is a community of aspirants, teachers and successful candidates of competitive exams of Assam.
As number of candidates applying for government jobs in Assam is increasing, the competition is getting fierce. It has become extremely important that candidates are prepared to the next level. This preparation is, however, a costly and time consuming affair. Many aspirants have to quit their jobs or move out from their home.
We, at LLT, have tried to solve these two problems. We have created a community which consist of teachers as well as successful candidates who are willing to help this young generation of Assam to success.
With the help of an Android app we provide video lectures on each topic required for competitive exams of Assam. We also provide quiz, study materials and mock tests in our app. We know our members will have doubts in their mind regarding the lectures provided. To solve these doubts and questions, we have a forum in our website as well as a comment section in our app.
We know the internet is full of distraction, so we have decided to make our app 100% ad-free.
LLT is and will always will be NOT-FOR-PROFIT. Though we charge an amount as membership fees, we are willing to offer 100% free service to economically weaker section of our society. We also have various schemes where we offer rewards to those who are preforming well in their preparation, thereby encouraging them as well as others to work harder. Also, our membership does not come with a validity, it is for lifetime.



Upal J Baruah
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