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Finderbridge is the destination management organization of Northeast India which has a wider vision towards the development of the entire eight states of Northeast giving exposure for the rest of India. The social motive of the initiative is that, since it’s the ignorant part of India which has a lot of potential in every aspect, also to the rest of the world, we aim to clarify the misconception to the people how they think about Northeast and its people. We aim to promote the cultures, tribes, ethnic commodities, destinations, and mainly to explore the unexplored places in the Northeast. We have a motive to expose the highest tourism potential of Northeast and to make it an international travel destination for the global audience. Along the journey, we showcase the wide array of the rich cultural heritage, the vibrant tradition, the skillfully crafted commodities by the local artisans, and take you along with us in our unending journey of discovering the unexplored paradise of the eight remarkably beautiful states. Our prime motive is to highlight the huge potential of the Northeast with its ability to become an International travel destination for the global audience.



Himangshu Baruah
Dhrupad Das
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