Welcome to the reservoir of handpicked Good-reads & Rare Books.

our story

A Kindle can never smell as good as your coffee and a paperback. ~ Anonymous.


Bukshelf is a brainchild of a random guy like you, who was searching for an answer to the ultimate question. Then he found a treasure which was beyond anything. It was liberating. The treasure is called ‘A Book’ in the English language. So he read & he read many. He uncovered the truth. As Jim Rohn best put it- “It’s not what you get but, what you become in the journey that matters”.

So here we are interpreting his dream of making the treasure of knowledge available to all, by means of these books. They may be best sellers but most importantly they are the words of the most heard men & women on this planet- ‘Authors’.



Indraneil Kashyap
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