B&R River Bourne

our story

Peace is an innate part in everyone, but somehow this peace is often subdued or unrealized amidst our daily chores. As we, B&R Riverbourne, take our guests on a unique experience across the river, our ultimate aim is to help them rejuvenate their inner peace by embracing the mystic calmness of the mighty Brahmaputra and make them feel the magic of our rich cultural bio-diversity backed by an impressive flora & fauna. We invite you to feel and be one with the energy dispensed by the river as it flows from the core of the Himalayas, through the plains of Assam into the Bay of Bengal. Feel the richness in the culture of the people of Assam that have been sustained by the river for over thousands of years.

MV Ayuddha is the maiden Houseboat from B&R Riverbourne which aims to offer spectacular views of the Brahmaputra and fascinating visuals of the idyllic village life. It aims to attract domestic & foreign tourists who will sail along the Brahmaputra from Guwahati port to Bijoynagar, Pabitora & Sualkuchi and visit various destinations enroute to experience the diversity of the state in its national parks & wildlife sanctuary, tea gardens, rural sites, exquisite temples and monuments and the rich and varied culture and cuisines of Assam.

The river cruise offers something for everybody. For wildlife enthusiast, a thrilling wildlife viewing and bird watching is available as you cruise through blessed biodiversity spots formed by the river. To the cultural traveller, it is a glimpse of the diverse traditional mix. The sights of the neo-classical colonial palaces, Buddhist archaeology, Hindu temples and Islamic architecture are interesting. Our Brahmaputra cruises feature attractions such as wildlife viewing (both by jeep and on elephant back), village walks, visits to tea gardens, barbecues on deserted river islands, dance performances, exploring country towns in cycle rickshaws and visits to craft workshops and many more.

Our every attempt is to help our guests enjoy each moment through various activities at our different destinations as they also soak in the misty peace while cruising along the river on a journey one would want to embark on more than once.



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