A new NFS & Plants vs Zombies arriving this year

NFS payback

EA revealed multiple games during its investor call including a new Need for Speed (NFS) and Plants vs Zombies (PVZ). The last NFS game, Payback didn’t broke any record instead was widely critized for a huge amount of problems. Rubber banding AI, passing a fixed checkpoint to escape cop chase sequence and many more. Last but not the least, the game was full of microtransaction that clearly favors pay to win mechanics. Those looking for a proper arcade racing game should stick to Forza Horizon series or the good old Burnout Paradise.


Plants vs Zombies on the other hand went from arcade fun game to bizzare TPS multiplayer who-ha style. And considering EA thinks single player games are dead (Payback has single player story BTW), the new PVZ may be another Garden Warfare. The original PVZ zombies is still available on Origin as well as mobile devices and is one of the most fun arcade game with tons of mode for countless hours of fun.


Source: PCGamer

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