New Titanfall game coming this year (With a catch)

Titanfall 3

Respawn Studios cofounder Vince Zampella tweeted out that a new Titanfall game is launching later this year. Currently the buzz is Apex Legends from same studio, a F2P battle royale hero shooter that racked up an insane 2.4M players in just 24 hours.

While this bit of news surely cheered up all the fans, one has to note the tweet fails to mention the number “3” (as in Titanfall 3). This coincides precisely with an earlier tweet that Titanfall 3 is “not in development“. So what will the new game turn out to be? With Apex Legends set in the same universe Titanfall not-3 may go for mobiles (i seriously hope not). Or maybe turn based tactic.


Apex Legends vs Anthem:

In other Apex Legends news, the game continues to do rather well. With classes and their respective unique abilities, Respawn really turned battle royale on its head. While Anthem Demo turned out to be worse than a beta test, Apex Legends servers are surprisingly stable despite the latter being Free to Play. This can be serious bad news for Anthem as it is not just paid (with EA’s ridiculous release schedule), but the same “paid” game is also full of microtransaction. Lastly the game’s demo showed it was nowhere near a finished product with all sorts of weird bugs and glitches. With less than 2 weeks till release, EA may have another flop at their hand. Specially since they released a vastly superior fun game just weeks ago.

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