CODEX breaks latest Windows Store DRM in 5 days

Crackdown 3 Cracked by CODEX

CODEX has done it again, this time it is Crackdown 3 which is getting the crack treatment. Previously CODEX created an universal emulator to get around the Windows Store DRM protection. While not as popular as Epic Store or even close to Steam, Microsoft Store holds a few exclusive that are worth playing. Like previous Microsoft title, this one uses Arxan Anti-Tamper DRM for “extra” protection.


What is CODEX?

Part of a secret community called the Scene, CODEX cracks game’s protection for fun. Scene is about sharing games, software, movies, ebooks, or any form of digital content possible among its members.  Along with CODEX there are other groups like STEAMPUNKS, RELOADED & the famous CONSPIRACY (CPY). Groups can be formed by a single member or have multiple members, some of which switch group or form new ones.


Scene has been the attraction of law enforcement raids due to their actions causing piracy. In reality though, scene members tend to keep the cracked games among their members but gets leaked from their servers. The games or software that one may come across in illegal torrents are the leaked releases.


DRM what?

DRM or Digital Rights Management is how companies check ownership of a particular digital service or product being sold. Most DRM will check if you have brought the game/software by calling its servers. If your name/id is not found, the game or software will either display an error or not work at all. DRM is basically some licensing code/software shipped with other games/software. Most are embedded deep in the products so one can’t simply delete the files and use the product for free.


CODEX among other groups specializes in breaking DRM of games. Previously they have broken the Steam DRM (Steamworks), Ubisoft (Uplay), EA’s Origin, Starforce as well as the notorious DENUVO. A few games even employ custom protection apart from the above DRM to make the whole thing a lot complicated. Those too have been defeated by CODEX.


Crack’d Down 3:

Crackdown 3 is an open world action adventure game featuring a bunch of superhuman characters. Their aim is to stop the evil corp Terra Nova from turning the city of New Province into a dark age. To do their job, they feature a bunch of super powers that varies by character. The lead player controller character is modeled after and voiced by Terry Crews.


The game also features co-op as well as multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode called Wrecking Zone allows every structure to be destroyed in spectacular explosions powered by Microsoft’s online cloud system, Azure. While this made the multiplayer mode fun, singleplayer campaign was described as bland.


Originally set to be released in 2016, the game suffered so many delays, one will lost count. And when finally released last week, the game failed to appeal to anyone. Every review said the same thing i.e. the game is just bland and repetitive. Instead recommending to play Crackdown 2 or Crackdown which is free (only available on XBOX platform).


My Take:

I won’t recommend pirating Crackdown. You are simply wasting time and bandwidth. Instead get the Metro Exodus Gold Edition or Far Cry New Dawn. Or even try Yakuza Kiwami that got released yesterday. Only if you are a hardcore Crackdown fan should you try Crackdown 3. Or you love suffering because the Windows Store absolutely sucks.


Anthem? Please don’t. For co-op mayhem & madness pickup Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection ASAP. Or if you want to try Javlins, pickup Titanfall 2 instead. You’ll thank me later.

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