Call of Duty developer Activision fires 775 employee

Activision fires 775 employees

After posting “record-setting” revenue last year, Activision fired 775 employees. While rumors stated Activision was in the process of restructuring, nobody could have guessed these numbers. According to report, these layoff are affecting non-game development areas like publishing.


In proper numbers, Activision Blizzard employees around 9600 people across all its studios and offices. They work in developing games, financing, publishing, distribution and other miscellaneous work. After Bungie recently split from Activision, some of the people got redundant.


While other developer publisher like Ubisoft has multiple yearly game launches, Activision only offers Call of Duty. All other games series like Diablo, Warcraft & Overwatch while being active are not annual releases.


Some studio shut down:

While majority of the layoff didn’t affect game developers,not all were so lucky. Mobile game studio Z2Live, subsidy of King (Candy Crush developer) was shut down. All 78 people working there lost their job.


What to expect now?

In a recent tweet by a former COD developer, he shared that a new COD arrives this year. According to the tweet it’ll feature a campaign. Last year’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4 ditched the campaign in favor of multiplayer only Battle Royale mode.


From Blizzard, Diablo 4 won’t launch anytime soon but Diablo Immortal will. It is a hack and slash game but for mobiles. The game announcement received heavy backlash from its hardcore fans.


Overwatch continues to receive its yearly dose of new maps and heroes. While Warcraft received the Battle for Azeroth expansion last year. Finally Starcraft 2 received its final DLC on 2016 while in 2017 Blizzard released a remaster of the original Starcraft from 1998. There is no news of any new Starcraft game being in development at this time.

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